Grimsby Docks Railway Station

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Grimsby Docks railway station serves the Freeman Street area of Grimsby in North East Lincolnshire, England. This is one of the oldest parts of the town, close to the Freeman Street Market and the town's docks both commercial and fish, the railway entrance to both being over the level crossing at the Cleethorpes end. The docks offices can be seen in the photograph in the distance, in which the line to Cleethorpes swings round to the right. In the 1970s, this area of the town has been redeveloped with tower block accommodation as well as new housing. The market and its lively pubs are a feature. The station had miles of sidings for the storage of fish vans to its rear and was double track. Between 19 September and 2 October 1993, the main line east of Brocklesby Junction was closed to allow for the completion and commissioning of the Grimsby area Resignalling scheme. The double track line east of Grimsby Town was reduced to single and the whole line was resignalled to colour lights operated from Pasture Street signal box. A short passing loop, enough for the present day traffic, is located towards Pasture Street. Although the train service through Grimsby Docks has been chiefly passenger trains, a thriving freight service originated from the nearby Fish Docks. Prior to the building of the present Cleethorpes Road bridge, a complex railway junction and level crossing was situated on the Cleethorpes side of Grimsby Docks station. The loss of the fresh fish traffic from rail to road eventually resulted in the removal of the junction. The level crossing, being on a major route between Grimsby town and Cleethorpes, was the cause for many delays on Cleethorpe Road. In the mid-1960s, it was subsequently removed in favour of a concrete-built road bridge. The bridge itself caused the wholesale demolition of several buildings housing numerous businesses, banks, public houses and a major hotel (run by the parents of actress Patricia Hodge) but by the time of its completion in 1967 the changes in transportation of fish had made both the bridge and the station redundant. The town's main railway station is Grimsby Town, located in the town centre. The station has the PlusBus scheme where train and bus tickets can be bought together at a saving: it is in the same area as Grimsby and Cleethorpes stations.

Station Facts

Annual Usage Figures

Year Entry/Exit Interchange
2015 1506 0
2014 1642 0
2013 1527 0
2012 1542 0
2011 1397 0
2010 1122 0
2009 1318 0
2008 1352 0
2007 1465 0

Location Data

  • Unitary Authority Ward (UTW): East Marsh
  • UK Parliament Constituency: Great Grimsby
  • Unitary Authority: North East Lincolnshire Council
  • European Region: Yorkshire and the Humber

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